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Jordan, 19 Jul 2021


Curry nan and burger were good! unfortunatly the pizza base was very dry/stale! only one slice was eaten ? was gutted tbh heat up another bit today and its sooo dry defo a waste! the pizza toppings fine but the base has ruined it !

Carlylee, 18 Jul 2021


Bit of a joke i ordered a large chips cheese and donner meat even wrote in the comments section please make sure the cheese is melted thank you only to find when it arrived with no cheese i phoned up the guy said apparently cos i didnt click extra cheese n pay another two pounds i get no cheese basically and no offer to fix it thats false advertising in my book just list it as the price including cheese if i wanted dry chips n donner meat i would order that.. in the past i did order from here a fair bit but i think its the last time now sadly

Conor, 13 Jul 2021

  Reply : Hi Muhammed here my day off Monday and Tuesday I apologise mr Conor i send you next time chips cheese with your order

ordered a baked potato with tuna and the tuna looked like cat food!! stank to high heavens dont think i will be ordering again waste of money

Susan, 13 Jul 2021


Ordered a chicken jalfrezi, recieved chicken Korma, not the first time this has happened, please check order,

John, 11 Jun 2021

  Reply : Our jalfrezi is creamy with green paper and onion it is mentioned in the menu

Good tastes fab

Noname, 29 May 2021

Excellent as always

Lynda, 14 May 2021


Bekah, 08 May 2021


Great quality again arrives hot and fresh

Bekah, 08 May 2021


Bekah, 08 May 2021

Very nice

Angela, 08 May 2021

Very nice

Angela, 08 May 2021


Food arrived with very slight heat pizza was cold and burnt spicy chicken wasn’t spicy . The pizza was supposed to be garlic base not even a slight hint of garlic the pizza was bland tasteless very disappointing . The pakora was the best thing we had . They also mark the food as delivered when in fact not actually delivered used to love the chill grill but went right down hill will not be returning again .

Ryan, 03 May 2021

Love the food and staff are phenomenon. Thanks for the great food and speedy service.

Rebecca, 31 Mar 2021

Ordered 10" chunky chicken pizza, arrived burnt, so dissapointed,

John, 28 Mar 2021

Excellent tasty food

William, 28 Mar 2021

John, 27 Mar 2021


The chicken chasni was bland and then Nan was very doughy aswell as soggy chewy poppadoms. Not impressed

Lorna, 15 Mar 2021

Previously have really enjoyed the food but the past couple of orders have had mistakes leading to tonight having to call and say we had the wrong item I called up and the correct item was sent out arriving about 40mins later when it arrived it had very little filling compared to previous orders and was cold and had to be microwaved

Timara, 14 Mar 2021

Allan, 11 Mar 2021

Craig, 10 Mar 2021

Menu states get 10% off for ordering online I didn't get discount

James, 28 Feb 2021

Hi, I had ordered the budget deal 2 tonight from your shop which included 1 cheeseburger, chicken nuggets and chips, chicken Pakora, 2 cans of cola and a cheese pizza. I had requested that the pizza have extra cheese and a bbq base as tomato base is disliked. I was very disappointed that the pizza had hardly any cheese on it, did not taste fresh, and was a tomato base pizza with bbq sauce smothered all over the top of it as a way to disguise the fact it was actually tomato base. It did not look very appetising and was not what I asked for. I feel that it was carelessly flung together. Everything else I ordered was great but was very let down by your pizza. I have rated the quality of food poor but this is only relating to the pizza.

Gemma, 25 Feb 2021

Great service

Unknown , 22 Feb 2021

Roasting hot, fresh, tasty and fast service #yumyum

Claire, 21 Feb 2021


Lynzie, 20 Feb 2021